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Bloody Hell, I Just Found That WaPo Article with the Anon Saying Kim Kardashian has “Aryan Blood”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

I can tell she isn’t a goddess because goddesses never go full-Dale Earnhardt. 

I found that WaPo article that I mentioned the other day where the anon said Kim Kardashian had “Aryan Blood.” In fact, he said “Nordic Blood,” which is funnier and worse.

I didn’t even remember how bad it was – they actually claimed THAT I AGREED that Kim Kardashian is “Nordic.”

This is from May 25, 2016.

I did not agree with that, you slimy Jew fake news fucks.

I would never in my life claim that Kim Kardashian has “Nordic Blood.”

Bitch looks like she has diarrhea flowing through her veins (no offense, Kanye – you my dude).

I found this without looking for it when someone linked a recent WaPo article by some kike tracking the history of the “Taylor Swift is a Nazi” meme.

This fucking rat “Avi Selk” (lol) said that I saw memes on the internet with fake Hitler quotes attributed to Taylor Swift and thought they were real.

It’s actually kinda funny if it’s meant as an insult to me – “that guy who runs the 4chan rip-off news website can’t tell if memes are real or not” – but I don’t think it is. I think that some of these Jews still haven’t got the memo, and think that the “far-right” is a bunch of buck-toothed inbred hillbillies in West Virginia trailers.

I’m sure he was a little bit confused when his editor told him he couldn’t print my name, and instead had to refer to me as “a blogger” and “he” – even though I’ve been on the cover of a wide-distribution magazine and on every major news channel.

I have never even seen a rando talked about and referred to as simply “a blogger.”

So, just in case anyone was doubting all that stuff I said about being blacklisted – there’s that.

Even though the entire story was about a meme I popularized, they weren’t allowed to say my name.