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Watch: Evil Bean-Goblins Kidnap Texas Pupper

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

This happens every day, but this time, it got caught on high quality CCTV, so you get to see it.

These squat subhumans can afford a shiny new Cadillac, but they can’t just buy a puppy, or adopt one?

They do this out of pure boredom and malice. This is literally a hate crime – there is no reasonable economic motivation, they just want to fuck with some guy by stealing his puppy.

It’s terrorism. 


Police are investigating after the video, obtained by local NBC affiliate KXAS, was posted on social media.

Two men are seen standing next to the fence in a rural neighborhood as one snatches the 10-week-old French Mastiff by the scruff of its neck and carries it to a parked Cadillac SUV.

The Dallas Morning News reports the theft happened around 2:20 p.m. Saturday on Milam Road — about 15 miles southeast of downtown Dallas.

Two adult Mastiffs in the yard bark as the suspects take the puppy.

The owner came home to find one of his dogs, named Chipper, missing. The puppy is also microchipped, the owner said, giving him a better chance of getting home.

If you’ve ever been through subamerica, one of the first things you will notice is the stray dogs running around everywhere. Every single one of their countries is the same, in this way. Individual dog owners fail to neuter them, because that costs money, or if their spic governments offer to do it for free, they still fail to do it, because it costs time.

Then, when they have too many dogs, they feel too many feelings to just kill them outright, so they drive off someplace and abandon them.

They have a saying that accurately encapsulates this philosophy:

“Eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel.”

Like with women, any moral-seeming behavior that comes out of a subamerican comes from an “aww that’s so sad” animal instinct, and not from actual “Knowledge of Good and Evil.” They’ve learned that they can avoid their sad feeling reflex if they just make sure that they don’t have to see the results of their own negligence.

All of subamerica is an industrial scale puppy sacrifice machine.

The cities are full of mangy packs of stray dogs that people set loose because it’s easy, which the governments can’t be bothered to round up, which run around breaking open trash bags and occasionally biting people. Outside the cities, the roads are typically splattered with doggie gore every so many kilometers, as drivers who cannot be bothered to brake do the work of governments that can’t be bothered to keep feral dog numbers in check.

From the Mexican perspective, it’s completely alien that an American would even have pet dogs in a thoughtfully enclosed grassy area on their property, kept clean and microchipped. Even the beaners that “like” their dogs take about as good care of them as they take good care of their children – which is to say, they chew leaves in the shade all day, or watch Mexican soap operas while their kids fuck off and do whatever.

This video shows nothing more than an act of beaner resentment against Americans that take responsibility for their animals, something that they are genetically incapable of understanding.

They’ll probably just get bored with the puppy after a while, and throw it off on the side of a road somewhere.

Or, maybe, they were just hungry.

Mexico Lore:

The Aztecs only domesticated two animals, dogs and turkeys, both of which were eaten (usually only at feasts). Dogs were well fed (enlarge the main picture to see what on…). Above all the Aztecs enjoyed eating small, hairless, mute dogs brought to Aztec markets from the town of Acolman – the ‘itzcuintli’, a relative of the chihuahua (Pic 1). Though meat was a relative luxury, the Aztec diet was ‘ample, nutritious and well-balanced’, in part at least thanks to some unusually efficient and nutritious foods: the Aztecs were anything but fussy – they ate ‘practically every living thing that walked, swam, flew or crawled…’ (Professor Bernard Ortiz de Montellano).

Top Comments

  1. On this evening’s news it was reported that the puppy had been recovered. No arrest had yet been made. No further details at this time.

  2. Ghost says:

    HD cameras outside the home are becoming invaluable now days. Although I’m generally against the whole big brother thing in a world full of shitskin criminals its becoming a vital tool.

    Gone are the days of whites not even having to lock their doors or windows at night.

  3. I remember living on a street with a lot of beaners as a kid. One thing I noticed is how their idea of a “pet dog” is worlds away from our idea of it. For example, whenever my dog would get out, I would go out in the neighborhood and not stop until I found him. When one of the beaner’s dogs would get out, they usually would be like “whatever, they’ll come back around”, right up until the dog gets hit by a car, and at that point they’ll just get another.

    One of their dogs was a huge pitbull mix type of dog. He would keep getting out and getting into our trash at night. The beaners had the fucking gall to blame US for not keeping our trash away, because he couldn’t keep his damn dog locked up. Well apparently he got the HOA on his side, because they passed an ordinance that required a certain size trash can to be used, with absolutely no deed restrictions on keeping dogs contained. They don’t give a fuck about our dogs, or what “their” dogs do, because everywhere is Mexico to these subhumans.

  4. Hooray!

  5. They’re brought in by Jews and taught to hate us by said Jews via media and social services just to sow discord in what would otherwise be a healthy society.

  6. Those mongoloid cretins probably intend to use him as bait in some underground dog fighting club. Hope they get raided by a joint-task force comprised of SWAT, ICE and ASPCA and dogenapped friend walks away safely (along with any other doges that may have already been dogenapped and held against their will by these pieces of biotrash).

  7. Hussar says:

    They are!

    My buddy from Switzerland says the Turks are the Mexicans of Europe!

  8. Bon says:

    Yes, far gone. I live in a neighborhood of very expensive homes in California - one by one security fences are going up with cameras at each corner - in the front yard. My neighbor just put out high beamed lights on his driveway and front yard after his catalytic converter was stolen out of his car - right in the driveway.

    I suspect our neighborhood will be gated before too long to keep these fuckers out.

  9. Bon says:

    Your post made my morning.

    Death penalty to the pupper stealers.

  10. Bon says:

    I have family in San Francisco and travel there frequently - the juxtaposition of cultures is incredible - some of the most expensive real estate on the face of the earth - with human feces and used needles outside on the sidewalk - and a city council that is more concerned with gay, homeless and illegal alien rights than cleaning up their filthy community.

    Yet these über wealthy zillionaires continue to vote in the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein (was mayor of SF at one time) and the profoundly stupid and foolish Gavin Newson who will most likely become California’s new governor.

    The only thing that will hurt these psychopathic freaks is to hit them where it hurts the most - the pocketbook! A lot of SF money is made from tourism and conventions - and they’re pulling out in droves…

    Big Convention Pulls Out Of San Francisco, Citing Unsafe Streets

    Report: San Francisco convention canceled over dirty streets, homeless

    Clean up San Francisco’s streets, tourist industry pleads

    People injecting themselves with drugs in broad daylight, their dirty needles and other garbage strewn on the sidewalks. Tent camps. Human feces. The threatening behavior of some people who appear either mentally ill or high. Petty theft.

    Any city that has to publish a poop map - where to avoid feces in the streets - is one that should be shunned and avoided.

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